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Spring 2023 Newsletter

Message From Save Our Shoreline (SOS) President Ernie Krygier

What little ice we had this year is long gone and we are ready to start another summer. We have the good news and bad news situation facing us in 2023. I will start with the good news. Those of us that had the water lapping at the base of our seawalls now have a start of a beautiful beach. The bad news is those of us that had a beach last year now have more sand area to keep clean. Keeping our beaches clean is what we do.

We are the ones who remove the excessive dead biomass that accumulates each fall and decays during the winter. Our water ways are plagued with more biomass than they can handle. Somehow, Lansing has not figured that out. How is it that property owners are the only ones dealing with the results of this short-sighted plan? Tons of wood come down the rivers and streams every year. Most of it ends up on someone’s beach. You can bet no one from EGLE is going to help you remove this boater-threatening debris from the environment. They want to make us the bad guys! How dare we question their policies? Clean beaches are an environmentally correct way to manage shoreline property. SOS members have fought together against those who want to violate our property rights for over 20 years. Lansing is waiting for us to go away. We thank you for your support. There are things on the horizon that show government has more devious moves up their sleeves. If you have new neighbors tell them about SOS and what we stand for. Mother Nature is going to do what it has to do. The fight will need to continue. New membership is necessary to continue the fight to preserve our property rights. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS ON THE BEACH!

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