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SOS Fall 2023 Newsletter

Message From Save Our Shoreline (SOS) President Ernie Krygier

My wife Mary and I enjoyed a wonderful summer. We hope your summer was enjoyable too. Simple things like just sitting watching the neighborhood kids and our grandkids play on clean sandy beaches became a source of great joy. This was the summer for 3-year-old to 70-year-old kids to enjoy our beaches and waters. Many adults and families made use of the clean sandy beaches of Bay City State Park. I would like to thank SOS for the support they gave to our beach wellness run.

We have used the money raised to purchase a tractor and two different groomers. The money raised at this event ensures that we can continue the use of this equipment to groom the State Park beach area.

SOS has worked for many years to make it possible for private and public beaches to be groomed so that our children can play there in clean, safe conditions.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in connection with the Department of Natural Resources have presented owners of the Saginaw Bay shoreline with a new problem. They are purposing the installation of a fish spawning reef between the Bay City State Park and the Kawkawlin River. They are also considering the installation of a rock wall off the northeast side of the Spoils Island under the guise that this would also entice fish to increase spawning in this area. They have their eyes set on the mouth of the Kawkawlin too. The problem is that sand drifts down the beaches and fills in the river channel. They want a fish reef established somewhere in this area to stop the natural flow of the water. We know all kinds of bad things can happen if this is put in place.

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