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SOS Fall 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Hi to all of our SOS members. We are now getting ready to say goodbye to the summer of 2022. The beaches have been in great shape all summer. The water levels have gone down some. You all have done a great job keeping your beaches maintained. Lower water levels mean we will have more beach area to deal with. This is great for our kids, but it means more work for us. It is important for us to continue to keep the shoreline clean and safe for our families. Big Brother is still out there.

They will always be looking for some way to take control of our shoreline property. Some of you may receive a letter asking you to take a survey. It will be from Western Michigan University. It will deal with shoreline management plans. Be aware! This is just another attempt to take control of your property that makes up the shoreline. SOS will continue to watch Big Brother and they know it! We need to make sure that they do not take the riparian right that guarantees we own and control the property to the water’s edge. This was set up when Michigan became a state. Lawmakers through the years have wisely seen to it that this right remains. We voted for Frank Whalen, Patricia Engle, and Pete Janner to the SOS board at the Annual Meeting in September. Their term is till 2025. Thanks to all of you that attended and/or sent your proxy cards. And a special thank you to all who renewed their membership for 2023. Your support has allowed SOS to fight for your shoreline property rights. I hope you enjoy this Newsletter. This is the last one for 2022. If you have new neighbors that have not joined SOS please share this with them. Finally, I wish all the SOS members and their families the very best for the rest of this year. May next year be a good year for us all.

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