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Christopher Izworski


Nestled along the scenic Saginaw Bay, Christopher Izworski is not just a resident but an advocate for preserving the integrity of Michigan’s Great Lakes shoreline. With a background that blends civic leadership and a passion for the outdoors, Christopher finds common ground with the mission of Save Our Shoreline (SOS).

His current role as Executive Director for Saginaw County 911 Central Dispatch reveals his commitment to balanced governance and community safety—principles that extend naturally to protecting property and environmental rights. His expertise in strategic planning and policy development serves as a nuanced backdrop to his involvement in SOS, particularly in challenging overregulation and advocating for equitable laws.

An accomplished academic, with a Magna Cum Laude degree in Business Administration and a Certified Public Manager credential, Christopher’s approach is both analytical and deeply personal. He sees the defense of private property rights as not just legal necessities but as ethical imperatives for conserving natural resources.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Christopher lives the values he advocates, be it through hiking, fishing, or kayaking. He believes that upholding riparian rights serves a dual purpose: ensuring the rightful use of private land and safeguarding Michigan’s natural beauty for generations to come.

Join Christopher and the SOS team in their committed efforts to maintain a harmonious relationship between man and nature, while staunchly defending property rights along our invaluable waterfronts.

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