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Protecting the rights of public and private beach front properties to be maintained without regulatory interference.

Our Mission

To organize waterfront property owners and those with similar interests consistent with the goals of the organization; to preserve and maintain riparian rights, including the right to maintain safe recreational beaches and waterfront areas, both public and private; and to preserve and maintain a proper balance for the coexistence of man and nature upon and near waterfront property.

What We Do

Save Our Shoreline

Beach Maintenance

Support property owners’ needs to remove vegetation and maintain the beach, including wetland protection.  this will result in enhanced beach useage and recreation.

Save Our Shoreline

Legal Support

Protect owners' property rights and generate legislation so that existing laws are properly enforced.  This includes challenging governmental science results and application methods.

Save Our Shoreline

Government Influence

Unify property owners who are denied rights by government agencies and ensure that private and public beach property is governed equally.

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