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Welcome to Save Our Shoreline's Home Page

Save Our Shoreline is a non-profit, grass roots organization of property owners and others committed to the preservation of riparian rights along Michigan's 3288 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. We invite you to explore this site to see what we are doing to preserve those rights. We have provided a narrative summary which describes our activities.  Current efforts have focused on preserving ownership to the water's edge, preserving the right to groom Michigan's traditional public and private recreational beaches, and protecting Michigan's public beaches from federal encroachment. SOS depends on its membership dues and donations for continued funding.

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Corps of Engineers issues press release July 13, 2016 "Shoreline violations on the rise along Great Lakes".  Read this press release HERE
Save our Shoreline Summer 2016 Newsletter available.
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Corps of Engineers’ Detroit District Renews Attack on Michigan’s Beaches--and Again Misrepresents the Facts By David L. Powers
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New: SOS files legal brief in Indiana shoreline case.  View the brief HERE
In a recent case in Indiana, a trial court has refused to enforce beach ownership to the water’s edge.  Click here to read more.
Save our Shoreline October 2013 Newsletter available.
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NEW: International Joint Commission issues final report recommending further consideration of remediation in the St. Clair River to restore Lakes Michigan-Huron lake levels by 5 to 10 inches.
  Read IJC Press Release here:
  Read IJC Final Report here: http://ijc.org/iuglsreport/?page_id=1024
NEW: Save Our Shoreline Partners with Sierra Club, Other Property Groups, to Advocate Water Levels Restoration for Lakes Michigan and Huron.  Read this press release HERE
Save our Shoreline August 2012 Newsletter available.
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NEW: In response to requests for comments, SOS asks International Joint Commission to put regulation structure in St. Clair River to stop water loss in Lakes Michigan-Huron. Read comment letter HERE Read the Findings and Recommendations HERE.  To submit a comment to the IJC click HERE.
NEW: View a complete copy of the new beach grooming law, as signed by the Governor, HERE, and the key provisions HERE
NEW--SOS provides "Questions and Answers" about new state beach grooming law HERE
NEW: Corps of Engineers issues press release offering guidance after passage of state beach grooming bill.  Read this press release HERE

Shown with Governor Rick Snyder are Senator Tom Casperson, SOS Attorney Dave Powers, SOS President Ernie Krygier and Senator Casperson's Legislative Aide, Kendra Everett.

NEW:  Many authorities agree that mowing, discing, or plowing is an effective method for controlling phragmites, such as: UNITED STATES FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE (Publication) (Maine) (New York), Maryland DNR, Minnesota DNR, and Rutgers University.
NEW: BEACH GROOMING LAW GOES TO GOVERNOR'S DESK!  After being passed by both the Michigan Senate and the Michigan House on June 14, 2012, the Beach Grooming Bill was delivered to Governor Snyder's desk on June 21, 2012, and is awaiting his signature to become law.  See the final House vote (82 for, 28 against) HERE, and the final Senate vote (27 for, 11 against) HERE.  View the enrolled bill in its entirety HERE.
NEW: House hearing adjourned to Tuesday June 5 at 9 am.  The meeting is currently scheduled to take place in the Anderson House Office Building, 3rd Floor, 124 North Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48909-7514.
NEW: Shoreline Bill passes overwhelmingly in State Senate, heads to House.  Click here to read the bill as passed by the Senate.
NEW: Senate Bill 1052 passed out of committee, now heads to full senate. Read press release here To review the written comments for and against the bill, click here In the drop down list for senate committees, select Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes.  Be sure to check both hearing dates, 4-26-12 and 5-3-12.
NEW: State Senate Committee Hears Compelling Plea for Beach Grooming Legislation.  Click here to read Ernie's message.
NEW: Beach grooming bill introduced in State Senate.  Click here to read the press release March 29, 2012
NEW: Beach grooming bill introduced in State Senate.  Click here to read
NEW: OHIO SUPREME COURT UNANIMOUSLY REJECTS STATE’S CLAIM OF OWNERSHIP TO THE ORDINARY HIGH WATER MARK.  In a huge victory for riparian owners, Ohio’s high court reaffirmed that shoreline owners own to the natural shoreline, which is the line a which the water usually stands when free from disturbing causes.  “This court has a history of protecting property rights, and our decision today continues that long-standing precedent,” the court said.  Click here to read.
NEW: Background material about Beach Grooming at Bay City State Recreation Area.  Click here to read.
NEW: Presentation in support of legislation to preserve beach maintenance in Michigan.  Click here to read.
State Appeals Court Rebukes MDEQ Power Grab Over Beaches.
Save Our Shoreline today announced that the Michigan Court of Appeals has rebuked an attempt by the MDEQ to increase its jurisdiction over Michigan's Great Lakes beaches.   Click here to read the press release.  Click here to read the Michigan Court of Appeals decision.

SOS files brief in the Ohio Supreme Court supporting property owners.
The Ohio Lakefront Group, a coalition of over 7,000 Lake Erie property owners, filed written arguments in the Ohio Supreme Court in its ongoing action against the state of Ohio’s unlawful and uncompensated taking of privately owned land.
Click here to read more.
Click here to read the Amicus Curiae brief filed by Save Our Shoreline.

Click here to read more about the Ohio Lakefront Group.

MDEQ Issues Phragmites Control Guide.
(Ignoring beach grooming as a proven and effective control method
.)  Click here for details.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources states in A Landowner's Guide for the Control of Phragmites, "Mowing often (6-8 times during the growing season) where feasible is the most widely used method of stressing phragmites and encouraging native plants."  Click here to read the article.

Phragmites Invading Traverse City Beaches
Sheri McWhirter writes about the environmental concerns caused by phragmites.  Her article was published in the Traverse City Record-Eagle on May 2, 2009.  Click here to read the article.

Harmful Algal Blooms and Muck: What’s the Difference?
Harmful algal blooms and muck can be mistaken for each other simply because people may associate an algal bloom with either type.
Click here for details.